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Is Time Restricted Eating Better for weight loss?

Losing excess body fat is not as easy as the popular press makes out.

Not easy, but possible. 

It can be done through various methods.  One of the current methods is time restricted eating.

Where eating is reduced to a set time frame.  A typical example is a 6-8 hour window in a 24 hour periods, such as 8am – 4pm.  Promoters of this method have indicated that it is more effective than traditional fat loss styles.

This study, https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMoa2114833

took a group of people and made them all eat a low calorie diet.  One group with time restricted eating, the other with traditional meal times.

The results show no significant difference in body weight or metabolic markers between the groups.

Time restricted eating doesn’t appear to show a significant benefit over regular eating patterns.

The encouraging thing is that both groups lost high levels of weight following a low calorie diet pattern. 

You get to choose which method suits your lifestyle and you can expect similar results either way as long as you keep your calories in target.

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