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Last time we found out what a good poo is like.  Today we are going to share ways on getting there.

  1. Get the foundations right.   The 3 F’s.

Fluid: considering poo is 75% water – drinking enough water is essential – 2 litres will do the job.

Fibre: the average Aussie only eats about 20 grams fibre daily – the target is 30 grams.

Fibre is only found in plant-based foods.  Meat and dairy have none.  The less processed food is, the more likely it will have more fibre.

For example:     1 cup of wholemeal pasta has nearly 4x the fibre of regular pasta.

                             ½ cup of all bran has 12.6g and ½ cup nutrigrain has 1g (12 times!)

Fitness: regular movement activates the muscles in bowel, called peristalsis.

 So remember the 3 F’s to keep your business running smooth.

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