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What provides more grossness and funniness than talking about poo?  Yet without it we are in deep doo doo.  I’m going to provide a brief discussion around this toilet topic as I believe we need to be more aware of such an important part of our daily routine.  Due to its gross factor, our bowel habits are often kept secret, even when we may actually need to be addressing a poo problem.

Let’s go back to the start, what is poo?

75% water & 25% solids.

The solids are made up of 30% dead bacteria, 30% fibre, 15% cholesterol/fats, 10% minerals/cell debris. These numbers are only averages.  The softer the motion, the higher percentage of water present.

How to rate your Bowel Motion…

  1. Size Matters.  The average Australian adult daily bowel motion is only 120grams.  The bigger the size of your business, the better.  In rural Africa where bowel diseases are relatively non-existent – they poo on average 400grams a day.
  2. Texture Matters.  The ‘Bristol Stool Chart’ is a validated tool to help us aim for the perfect poop. 
Think of chocolate!

Maltesers – constipated,  Picnic – too firm, Mars bar – Perfect, Chocolate fondue – too soft

3. Colour Matters.  Brown is best.  If yours is a different colour, this guide maybe helpful… https://www.mayoclinic.org/stool-color/expert-answers/FAQ-20058080?p=1

4. Timing Matters.  Just because you don’t go every day doesn’t mean there’s something wrong.  The time range of every second day to three times a day is a suitable.  If you’re not going more than three times a week – too slow or more than three times a day – too fast.

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