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Weight Loss


Weight loss is difficult. Over 90% of people who lose weight put it back on. Billions of dollars each year is spent on products to help weight loss including ‘diet shakes’, counting points and taking appetite suppressing drugs but with very few long lasting results.

 Our goal at Health Divine is to change thoughts and then let habits follow suit in successful weight loss.

Health Divine dietitian, Peter St Henry APD, has a personalised program for successful long term weight loss – tailored just for you. It is individualised, doesn’t include expensive products and teaches sustained changes for a new lifestyle. Support and Accountability are the backbone of this program. Peter has set this program to assist in making changes to attitudes, thoughts and habits. Encouragement and coaching is a unique factor in this program. You remain in the driver’s seat but Peter is the ‘backseat driver’! This program is designed to be fun.

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“The fortunate aspect is that I feel that all of the previous appointments have changed my life and the way I look at and use food. You have taken me off the ‘dieting’ wagon and helped me instil very valuable and long lasting eating habits and knowledge. I am still losing the weight and feel comfortable that I will be able to maintain a healthy weight once I have reached my goal weight. The books you suggested to me were the icing on the cake. They were exactly what I needed as this was the area that was holding me back from enjoying my food and being healthy at the same time. I feel totally empowered and confident that I have a nutritious lifestyle a long with the rest of my family. Again thank you for your assistance and guidance. I am very grateful for what you have done. Take care and God bless”
from Leona

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