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Recent studies have confirmed that the energy in Nuts are overestimated. With as much as 30% of the kilojoules consumed in almonds not being absorbed into our system. All nuts at various levels seem to have factors which inhibit our bodies ability to absorb the energy from them. The more intact the nut the harder it is. Comparing almond butter to whole raw almonds, we can absorb more kilojoules in the processed paste than the whole nut. So in future when conscious of your kilojoule intake, don’t freak out about the high kilojoules listed in the nutrition panel for nuts (and seeds). Studies have confirmed that regular nut consumers are less heavy than those who don’t regularly eat nuts. see the link for more information!

for more information: https://www.nutsforlife.com.au/resource/are-all-kilojoules-in-nuts-absorbed/

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